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OTEPIC birth centre: The birth center will be a place for childbirth where care is provided in the midwifery and wellness model. This will be the exclusive model of care in a birth center. Birth center guided by principles of prevention, sensitivity, safety, appropriate medical intervention and cost-effectiveness.

The situation now

We just build three hexagon houses
One room is already plastered, We still yet to finish the plastering on two rooms. We have to put ceiling board. We have to paint wall and work on floor. We have to equip beds, cabinet furniture’s, medical boxes and installation of install the cooling box.

Model of care / Services provided

The model of care, as defined by the principles of midwifery, is to:

    1. Support birth as a normal life event
    2. Supportive care during labor
    3. Nutrition of the baby and mother( The mother will have a special training on OTEPIC kitchen facilities of healthy food preparation for her and the baby and all family
    4. Breastfeeding support and referral
    5. Promote self-care, family engagement and the mother-baby
    6. Respect the human dignity of each mother and each baby
    7. Respect cultural diversity
    8. Focus on education, health promotion and disease prevention
    9. The facilities will also in future host clinical event (free treatment to the communities, providing Medicare and giving medicine)
    10. in future hold Laboratory

Client rights

  1. Be treated with respect, dignity and consideration.
  2. Be assured of confidentiality.
  3. Be informed of the benefits, risks and eligibility requirements for care.
  4. Be informed of the services provided by the birth center and the services provided by
    contract, consultation and referral.
  5. Be informed of the identity and qualifications of care providers, consultants and related services and institutions.

The birth house

Provides appropriate space to provide the following services for women and families including,
but not limited to:

  1. Waiting reception
  2. Physical examination room and birth area
  3. Sanitary facilities like for washing hands

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