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Join our sponsor circle and support us

We cover with your donation the operational costs of the permaculture seminars. OTEPIC wishes to share its knowledge with as many people as possible and to teach permaculture and organic sustainability practices. The targeted people are poor and are not able to pay a part or  the full sum for the seminars.

This is why regular support is needed to ensure training for various groups of women, youths and the community in general. OTEPIC invites friends and supporters to join the OTEPIC sponsor circle by donating an amount of money of your choice every month. Also single donations are welcome.

This income is the base of our work and will be used for:

  • Extension and project activities
  • Permaculture training
  • Fiscal management
  • Team building group dynamic
  • Farmer evaluation team exercise
  • Training materials development
  • Seed exchange program field days
  • Office material
  • Farm tools
  • Street children project

Please donate now

You are very welcome to make a single donation to help us reach the next step and finally or big vision. Every donor for our next project or activity will receive a report and/or photos once this step has been taken. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook.

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