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1. Education

  • Provide free and accessible education for sustainable agriculture, permaculture, conflict resolution and renewable energy technologies.
  • Reach out to different community groups.
  • Offer certificated workshop series at the “Amani Learning Garden” and in Mitume.
    Provide follow-up seminars and ongoing support for participants.

2. Demonstration

  • Develop demonstration farms and gardens for educational use, research and income generation
  • Use “The Learning Garden” in Mitume for hands-on practical education during workshop series
  • Experiment with different garden techniques so that people can choose the best adapted solution for their situation from a large variety
  • Offer regular volunteer opportunities for community involvement
  • Maximize food and open pollinated seed production for local marketing and consumption to enhance the sustainability of the organization

3. Promotion of innovative developments

  • Develop pilot schemes as models for replication throughout Kenya
  • Develop a “community garden” where the whole community works together on allocated plots within a common area to grow their own fresh food
  • Develop a “school garden” located on school property for cross-curricular education and to produce food for the school feeding program
  • Develop agreements, best practices, conflict management and guidelines for administrative control of school and community gardens
  • Organize seasonal seed exchanges with community groups at events and workshops.
    Launch an initiative to promote portable gardens that maximize food production and minimize space, water, and resources needed
  • Promote grassroots initiatives such as planting trees, making charcoal briquettes, building solar food driers, advocating for humane animal treatment, educating about nutrition for HIV/AIDS, and organizing trash clean-up campaigns

4. Promotion of renewable energies

  • OTEPIC plans to build a couple of innovative systems for decentralized and renewable energy production as a job possibility for young people and an alternative for energy autonomy
  • Together with some inventors of Europe we want to install a Scheffler mirror, solar cookers, a mini Biogas plant and other solar systems