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Big Vision

OTEPIC “Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre” was established in 2008 as a grassroots community project in Kitale, a city in Western Kenya.

From the start, Philip Odhiambo Munyasia mobilized young people and women’s groups from Kitale’s slums. The aim was to grow their own food, plant trees for reforestation, ensure sustainable water supply, use renewable energies, develop community building and to find peaceful solutions for (tribal) conflicts.

Life in the slum

Living in a slum means being confronted with difficult circumstances and having experienced poverty, hunger, abandonment, violence and abuse sometimes already in early childhood. Drugs and crime are normal in everyday life.

OTEPIC gives perspective

What a tremendous power can be developed when you see a perspective and have a goal, a vision in life! You’d give everything for that dream! That’s why the Big Vision is so important to OTEPIC.

This vision is…

“Developing our communities! Creating a prosperous, independent future with food security, access to clean water, use of renewable energies and PEACE – despite the events of the past and the difficult circumstances today. We want to revive the African dream of a life in abundance, close to nature and with great hospitality. “

The future

OTEPIC wants to share all the developed and practiced activities and techniques with as many people as possible. In and around Kitale the demand for workshops is growing as people see and understand the importance of our work.

In order to meet these demands and to deepen the knowledge together, an ECO village and a seminar center will be built on 10 hectares of land, where Permaculture is already being applied.

Help us to fulfill the Big Vision

Visit us! Volunteers and interns are always welcome.


Make a donation to help this community meeting its goals! The vision of building a life-friendly model that can be shared and developed with many others in the troubled region of East Africa. So that a peaceful co-existence can be made possible for these and future generations!