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Amani Garden – Peace Garden

The Amani Garden was founded in 2008. It is about 0.5 ha in size. “Amani” is a Swahili word meaning “Peace”.

We have created this demonstration garden in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Kitale – Bidii – to inspire the surrounding villages and communities with perspectives and bring them closer to community-based approaches to sustainable development.


Garden and greenhouse

In the garden and greenhouse we plant vegetables, fruits, herbs and trees such as bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, coriander and aloe vera.



There is a building on the property that is used for trainings and as a meeting place for the OTEPIC Youth Group. Moreover, we have a library with permaculture literatury in this house. And currently lives Ben there.



In Amani garden there are two small biogas plants. The generated gas is used for cooking.



Clean and renewable funded drinking water

The borehole of the groundwater pumping system is 72m deep. The water pump is powered by photovoltaic modules.

The pumped water is stored in tanks and is thus also available in cloudy weather and at night. It is used for irrigating the garden. Furthermore, at the water kiosk, people who are living in the surrounding villages receive clean drinking water – free of charge. The system provides enough potable water for about 3,000 people on a daily basis. 

More details: gutermann-water.com



The hut in Amani garden is used for mushroom cultivation. In the photos you can see a new brood being prepared and then placed into the hut.  


Solar cooker

There are tow different solar cookers in use for cooking and baking.


Up- und Recycling

Old plastic bottles and plastic bags get a second life. Salad and vegetables thrive very well. The need makes something new, even from old plastic creates a new football.