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Training for Food Sustainability

OTEPIC supports the local communities to use the local available resources in the best way. This means to teach them use open pollinated seed varieties, to grow food in diversity, in water harvesting and many other sustainable skills.

Living in peace and harmony with the environment

OTEPIC offers free and accessible training to all the communities including follow-up training to see how farmers are implementing these technologies. Farmers are given the opportunity to experiment and to understand well how nature works and how to live in peace and harmony with the environment.

Needs and wishes are considered

However, before any group or community is selected for any training, a participatory rural appraisal (PRA) exercise is carried out. This approach enables the community to present, share and analyze their knowledge and conditions of life, in order to update and keep in tune with what they really want.

Varied training content and reflection

Training seminars are carried out through demonstrations and group lessons, individual farmer follow-ups, farmer-to-farmer exchanges, the development of training materials and continuous monitoring and evaluation.