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OTEPIC was founded in Kitale, Kenya.


The East-African Republic is situated almost exactly astride the equator. It is a nation full of cultural and biological diversity, an abundance of sun and had once a great natural occurrence of water and rich soils. The former British colony kept English as its official language, but for sure the national language Kiswahili is the most spoken language within the country. As descendants of 43 different tribes the approximately 47 million inhabitants today mostly work and make their living through agriculture, also because subsistence farming is very common.



Kitale is a rural but growing town close to the border to Uganda in Trans Nzoia county (appr. 1,900m about sea level). It has been a center of intensive and globalized agricultural production for many years. For that reason, the depletion of soil and nature, the climate change and desertification, deforestation and social injustice have shown a high impact for this area and their inhabitants.

We accept this challenge.