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A kick for the seminar centre

At the end of the year we want to give the seminar house a big kick together with you. There are still missing doors and windows. And they are as urgent as they are expensive.

We want to give OTEPIC 60 doors for Christmas!

Special: We will take part in the “betterplace Donation Championships”. Whoever collects the most donations will receive a prize. All donations received by betterplace between 01. and 31.12.20 count.

Donate now (in German)


Moor Info (in German)

betterplace.org/de/projects/ …

Seminar Centre                                                                    

OTEPIC has become a source of hope for the whole of East Africa. 
The demand for knowledge about permaculture is constantly increasing. To pass on these vital experiences to many people, OTEPIC is building a seminar house. It is financed exclusively by donations.  

You too can help. Every smallest donation is a step towards the big goal.

Help OTEPIC to reach even more people!

Organizer of the fundraising campaign (in English)

CEF-Help, Club of Engineers and Friends e.V., from Berlin has been cooperating with OTEPIC since 2017 due to the exemplary work in one of the poorest regions of Kenya.