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Support OTEPIC Kenya Project to finalize the seminar and training centre. We want to create a model for social and ecological sustainability; a place to reinstall the African dream of nature, hospitality and abundance; a training site to explore and share the knowledge of regional autonomy in water, food and energy supply; an ecovillage including a Permaculture and peace training centre and a guesthouse.

It will serve as a multi-purpose area for the entire community where woman or youth groups will have their own space to work on different activities and conduct their weekly meetings.

And a forum for sharing information and experiences among various initiatives. It will be designed to facilitate the easy exchange of ideas and collaborative working.

We need your help to complete the work at the seminar and training centre:

Stones (Interior finishing) € 30,000
Carpentry (doors and windows, tables, cabinets, beds and furniture) € 30,000
Water management (solar system, water storage, pipes, showers, toilets, sewage treatment plant) € 30,000
Electricity management (photovoltaic system, battery storage, light, power lines) € 40,000
Kitchen tools and equipment € 20,000
External locations (paths, parking) € 10,000
Transport system € 58,000
Birthouses / Clinic finishes € 70,000


Donation and spending is highly welcomed.