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Dear Gabu and Philip,

it is  rainy season. We have to dig and plant! But instead of joining us  to work on the fields, you spend your mornings in town. You run from one shop to another to compare the prices of timber, sand and stones or wait for hours for a truck to carry the new materials.

This  has been going on for weeks now. Philip, you even miss lunch! It seems we have lost you to the timber shops !

But don’t get us wrong! This  message is not about complaining, it is about acknowledging.

Because we see the great progress  the construction is making. We see the trucks  that come nearly every day with new materials. We enjoy the view from the second floor of the building in the sunny hours. And we see how tired you both are from rushing around town.

So next time you are in a rush (probably tomorrow morning) just remember, that there are people who care about you. Who miss taking, joking and laughing with you. Who always  keep a plate back for you.

Rome was not built in a day, like you keep on saying Philip. – Don’t get crazy while hurrying from one place to another. Take a  break from time to time! Relax. Breathe. You do a great work! And we miss you guys!

Mili, Charity, Judith, Esther, Kevin, James, Ben, Sam and Ann!