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Since the rains started, we are busy digging beds, planting vegetable seeds and mudding the beds. This is a lot of work and it has to be done in all three gardens. However, we enjoy this work and in a few weeks we will benefit from the crop of our effort!

In addition to these tasks, the most important task is to maintain and improve the soil, which is why we want to plant trees. Therefore, we upcycle plastic bottles!

Yes, ordinary plastic bottles! First, we cut off both ends of the bottle. Then, we put moist soil inside till the whole interior is filled. We use the seedlings of the tall Sesbania trees at Amani Garden in this upcycling process. After falling to the ground these seeds start growing in high numbers on our vegetable beds. We collect them and plant one little seedling per bottle.

Last week, we got help from the children of our orphan’s house Tabasamu! We are always happy when they spend their time with us.

Next week, we want to bring all the new planted seedlings to Upendo Garden. There, the sun is desiccating the soil. So we want to give shade for the growth of other plants and enrich the soil with nutrients.