• Earth care

    Earth care

    A self-sustaining peace village emerges | Ein selbsternährendes Friedensdorf entsteht

  • People care

    People care

    22 orphans are living in Tabasamu | 22 Waisenkinder leben in Tabasamu

  • Fair Share

    Fair Share

    Water kiosks providing clean drinking water | Wasserkioske liefern sauberes Trinkwasser

  • Training and Workshops

    Training and Workshops

    Practical knowledge is shared | Praktisches Wissen wird weitergegeben


Holzer Permaculture in Kenya

Holzer Permaculture in Kenya

How to feed an ever increasing population while living in harmony with nature Have you ever thought of how you...
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OTEPIC Documentary 2012

OTEPIC Documentary 2012

OTEPIC bringing chang within the communities Since its inception, OTEPIC has made great progress in helping local people integrate proven...
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Philip in Europe

Philip in Europe

To all friends in Germany and Switzerland Philip Munyasia, Gründer von Otepic, zeigt uns mit Unterstützung der Initiative Globaler Campus,...
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OTEPIC builds communities in Kenya’s rift valley

OTEPIC builds communities in Kenya’s rift valley

Since its inception, OTEPIC has made great progress in helping local people integrate proven organic methods into small-scale food production....
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OTEPIC | Permaculture in Kenya

OTEPIC | Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre

OTEPIC was founded 2008 as a self-help project in a western Kenya city, called Kitale. From the beginning, founder Philip Odhiambo Munyasia mobilized people from the slums of the city and gives them a perspective, he shows them how to feed sustainable themselves.

Motto / Principle

The motto of OTEPIC: Come together in communities! Grow abundance in mixed cultures – without any chemicals, recycle your organic waste and make compost, learn to treat water as a living being, be friendly to animals, make income from the surplus, save your seeds, cook with solar energy or biogas, share with your neighbors and join the global food revolution.

So far

OTEPIC offers training courses, runs permaculture gardens at four locations, cares for 22 orphans, provides free clean drinking water for 3,000 people, offers free food for street children, organizes tree plantations, has reached more than 53,000 people from 25 communities in order to live together in peace and comfort, and much more…

The next step

OTEPIC runs trainings for food sustainability and permaculture. The demand is more and more increasing. For this purpose is now on 10 hectare of land an ecological peace village and a permaculture school for conferences and exchange for Kenyans and all of East Africa in the process of emergence.

OTEPIC in numbers



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