• Upendo Garden | Upendo-Garten

    Upendo Garden | Upendo-Garten

    On 10 hectares a permaculture peace village is created | auf 10 ha entsteht ein Permakultur-Friedensdorf

  • Amani Garden | Friedens-Garten

    Amani Garden | Friedens-Garten

    Vegetables and fruits have been growing here since 2008 - a water kiosk provides clean drinking water | seit 2008 werden hier Gemüse und Früchte angebaut - ein Wasserkiosk liefert sauberes Trinkwasser

  • Orphanage | Waisenhaus

    Orphanage | Waisenhaus

    16 orphans are living in this house - OTEPIC provides care, home, food and education | 16 Waisenkinder leben hier - OTEPIC bietet Betreuung, Wohnen, Essen und Ausbildung

  • Conference Centre | Konferenzzentrum

    Conference Centre | Konferenzzentrum

    Permaculture School (under construction) | die sich im Bau befindliche Permakulturschule


Newsletter 2/2017

Newsletter 2/2017

Read everything about our current work and community life! Read more here: http://mailchi.mp/1142408f6b42/newsletter-otepic
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Visit us!

Visit us!

Our project is running without volunteers from abroad, but nevertheless all the people who visited us in the last years...
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Philip and Gabu! It’s lunch time – where are you?

Philip and Gabu! It’s lunch time – where are you?

Dear Gabu and Philip, it is  rainy season. We have to dig and plant! But instead of joining us  to...
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We call it a day

We call it a day

Yes, Kevin, and what a day! Or better, what a week! What a week of planting!  In Amani garden we...
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Planting trees through upcycling!

Planting trees through upcycling!

Since the rains started, we are busy digging beds, planting vegetable seeds and mudding the beds. This is a lot...
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OTEPIC community has grown: Tuchi has a baby!

OTEPIC community has grown: Tuchi has a baby!

We are happy and delighted about the birth of Milo Damien Otieno.  The little boy and his mother, Tuchi, are...
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TREE PLANTING-in this rainy season

TREE PLANTING-in this rainy season

OTEPIC Kenya project wishes to do more tree planting on the on start of this rainy season, a lot of...
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Interview with street kid Richard

Interview with street kid Richard

Hello, in the last post we talked about an interview with on of the kids who live in the streets...
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    • September 26 | 20:00 | Kindergemeinschaft Herzchengruppe KASSEL
    • September 27 | 20:00 | Kulturzentrum KFZ Marburg MARBURG
    • September 29 | 10:00 17:00 | Allmende Holzhausen e. V. SAFTEREI ALLMENDE HOLZHAUSEN
    • October 1 | All day | taz INTERVIEW MIT DER TAZ
    • October 1 | 15:00 | Airbus HAMBURG
    • October 1 | 19:00 | GLS-Bank HAMBURG
    • October 2 | 19:00 | Permakultur Campus | fux eG HAMBURG
    • October 3 | 15:00 | Gemeinschaft Shatin DUVENNEST
    • October 4 | 19:30 | Kulturverein Platenlaase e.V. JAMELN
    • October 6 | 15:00 | KEBAP HAMBURG
    • October 8 | 19:00 | Tiroler Bildungsforum - Verein für Kultur und Bildung INNSBRUCK
    • October 9 | All day | project peace e. V. SULZBERG
    • October 12 | 19:00 | Kulturzentrum Leerer Beutel REGENSBURG
    • October 13 October 14 | All day | Nachhaltigkeitskonferenz Chiemgau NACHHALTIGKEITSKONFERENZ PRIEN
    • October 15 | 20:00 | SONED e. V. BERLIN
    • October 16 | 19:30 | Living Gaia e. V. BERLIN
    • October 17 | 15:00 | Industrial group Marzahn BERLIN
    • October 18 | 18:00 | Coop-Campus BERLIN-NEUKÖLLN






OTEPIC | Permaculture in Kenya

OTEPIC | Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre

OTEPIC was founded 2008 as a self-help project in a western Kenya city, called Kitale. From the beginning, founder Philip Odhiambo Munyasia mobilized people from the slums of the city and gives them a perspective, he shows them how to feed sustainable themselves.

Motto / Principle

The motto of OTEPIC: Come together in communities! Grow abundance in mixed cultures – without any chemicals, recycle your organic waste and make compost, learn to treat water as a living being, be friendly to animals, make income from the surplus, save your seeds, cook with solar energy or biogas, share with your neighbors and join the global food revolution.

So far

After 10 years OTEPIC offers trainings, operates permaculture gardens at three locations, cares about 16 orphans, provides clean drinking water to nearby villages, offers free street food, organizes tree plantings, has a youth dance group and much more …

The next step

OTEPIC runs trainings for food sustainability and permaculture. The demand is more and more increasing. For this purpose is now on 10 hectare of land an ecological peace village and a permaculture school for conferences and exchange for Kenyans and all of East Africa in the process of emergence.







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SUSTAINABLE | Tree planting