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Free food for 120 street kids

On Saturday 21st of May 2016 the food project for approximately 120 unsheltered children in Kitale, Kenya was carried out the second time.

25 volunteers involved

More than 25 people were involved in giving us the strength to prepare warm and especially nutritious food for all of the children living on the streets. The thought connected to our actions is, to regularize this project and to work on more than one point of action. For a start we’ll do our best to serve warm meals to children and hereby satisfy the basic needs of every human being.

Interview with street kids planned

As an extrapolation we’ll try to build some kind of connection to the children to be able to talk about their problems, which (as a main example) include drug problems. (We are going to create another seperate post which will give more attention to drug problems.)

Support us!

We need you! A project of this size certainly can’t be tackled without spending money, a warm meal for approximately 120 children will cost us $120. You could easily split the bill or just support us with a dispensable amount of money. We are glad about any kind of support.

Thanke you for your Support
– Your OTEPIC team